Demo And News!


Long time since last update!

During the last weeks much have happend! We have released the games first demo to the public, the demo can be found downloaded Here.

In the demo you get to explore 2 of the puzzle platforms, you get the chance to explore the forest outside the town of Gillwood and also take the adventure into the main city!
You get to hear the first 4 songs to the game and some early sound design. At last you will be tested on your precision to jump like a master

We have also entered 2 competitions with the game!

The first competition is The Game Concept Challenge that reveals the winners 2017-05-15

The other competition we entered is the 2017 Intel Level Up Game Developer Challenge that reveals the winners  2017-06-01!

Wish us best of luck! Remember to like our Facebook page and to like the game on Steam Greenlight