Update 2017-08-12 Save

We want to apologize for the long silence! But the development of the game did not stop.
If your not following our facebook page then you might not know that The Secret of Gilwood got Greenlited in May 2017! So we will sell the game at the end of 2017

So what´s new?


We have done a visual update to the main character! It’s no easier to see where the character is standing and you no longer have big amounts of particles in your screen.

We have made a small update to the “Energy Orbs” before it was abit hard to see them in the world, now we have added a force field around the orb so that the player can find it easier in the world.

Movement Updates:

We have implemented a Sprint function that lasts for ca 8 seconds before the energy runs out! Then you have to wait for it to recharge!
On Keyboard you use “Left Shift” to sprint
On Controller you use “Right Trigger” to sprint

We also implemented Slow walk/Sneak!
This will let the player navigate the character easier in the puzzles and in the world!
On Keyboard you use “Left Ctrl” to sneak
On Controller you use “Left trigger” to sneak

More content:

There is now one more Puzzle in the game and that takes it to a total of 6 Puzzles for the players to master!

Save Game feature!

The biggest problem we have had during the development of The Secret of Gillwood have been the option to “SAVE” the game! We have made many tries to get the save to work and after much time and research the Save function is finally in the game!

Not all in the game can be saved now but at the moment the player can save the most important things!

We can tell you that the majority of the game world is completed and soon we will move forward towards adding more sound and story!

Are you interested in testing the latest version of The Secret of Gillwood before everyone else or have work related questions ?

Send us a message here, on facebook or contact us at: contact [at]secretofgillwood.com

Demo And News!


Long time since last update!

During the last weeks much have happend! We have released the games first demo to the public, the demo can be found downloaded Here.

In the demo you get to explore 2 of the puzzle platforms, you get the chance to explore the forest outside the town of Gillwood and also take the adventure into the main city!
You get to hear the first 4 songs to the game and some early sound design. At last you will be tested on your precision to jump like a master

We have also entered 2 competitions with the game!

The first competition is The Game Concept Challenge that reveals the winners 2017-05-15

The other competition we entered is the 2017 Intel Level Up Game Developer Challenge that reveals the winners  2017-06-01!

Wish us best of luck! Remember to like our Facebook page and to like the game on Steam Greenlight